We are always keen to hear from enthusiastic Psychologists who want to empower children and families!
Working with us provides supported entry into private practice, allowing you to learn the ropes, so you end up loving private practice as much as we do. It will allow you to spend your work time with a team of like-minded individuals, who are all banning together to make a difference. With us you will be encouraged to be your best self as you support your clients along the same pathway.
An NCCD psychologist is authentic and brings a ‘piece of themselves’ to their work so they can genuinely connect with their clients. They embrace change by being flexible and are guided by their integrity in their decision-making and general practice.
The NCCD vision is to equip parents, caregivers and educators with the tools they need to help their children or students thrive. If you want to empower your clients to reach their best outcomes, read on!
If you're a fully registered Psychologist with experience working with children and adolescents, we've got a great opportunity waiting for you to join our team as an employee. Here's what makes it awesome: we follow a burnout prevention caseload model. That means you'll have a full-time caseload of 25 billable hours per week (pro rata), with a strong emphasis on taking regular time-off to recharge. Plus, you won't have any appointments booked outside of your allocated hours. We also keep a close eye on your caseload to make sure there's a good balance between the client presentations that you prefer and those that will challenge you enough to prevent your skill development stagnating. Day to day, you’ll be providing counselling, neuro-developmental assessments and parenting support. It's all about creating a healthy and manageable workload for you.
 At NCCD we're different from other private practices because we believe in providing a clear and structured Career Progression Pathway. We want to make sure you have every opportunity to grow and evolve as a practitioner. Whether you're craving more role diversity or dreaming of stepping into leadership, supervisory or management positions, we've got you covered. You can actively advance your career within the industry and field, all while being a part of our team. We're here to support your professional development every step of the way. 
In addition to the above, we also offer:
 Comprehensive admin support 
 Monthly Individual clinical supervision 
 Group peer supervision 
 In-House PD events 
 Wellbeing leave days 
 Generous PD budget 
 In-House PD even Generous salary with annual reviews 
 Retreat Days to learn and grow with the team 
Have a look at our 2023 Team Retreat Day which we held at the Melbourne Zoo!
NCCD is a well-established business that has always had the goal of creating a workplace that clinicians want to turn up to each day - in fact, one that they’re excited to be a part of! Over the 10 years we’ve been operating, we’ve had many opportunities to ask our clinicians what their dream roles look like, and this has allowed us to refine our offerings so that our model of private practice is attractive beyond the honeymoon period!

Our director has been recognised in the media as a representative in the industry and as such, our practice has been featured on Channel 7 and 9 News as well as print media.
"For every child to achieve their best outcomes by equipping families with the tools they need to thrive"
If all of this sounds too good to be true, check out the feedback we’ve received from some of our previous and current employees:
NCCD is a warm and welcoming clinic that really cares about creating an inclusive and supportive work environment for all of their staff. I love the atmosphere, the casual chit chats with colleagues in the coffee room and the predictable client schedule. NCCD is a safe space to grow and develop professionally with support from a highly skilled and committed team.
Dr Saga Arthursson - Psychologist

NCCD is a highly supportive private practice with an 'unofficial' open door policy, which enables practitioners to collaborate and share resources, debrief or even just to have a chat. There were plenty of opportunities for professional development and personal growth. The team had a diverse skill set both personally and professionally, was super welcoming and always willing to help
Judy McKay - Psychologist

I completed a student placement during my training at NCCD, and then came back to work there as an employee once fully qualified, as I had enjoyed the experience so much. Most importantly to me, the values of NCCD aligned with my own, having a focus not just on the wellbeing of children and families to allow them to thrive, but also on the employees being supported so that we could all grow in our own directions, while coming together as a team and learning from each other. The emphasis was always on providing best practice care to children and young people, and most importantly, having fun with them, to give them a positive experience of seeing a psychologist, as well as having fun as a team.
Dr Georgina Cox, Senior Clinical Psychologist, RCH

Here’s a bit more about us from our director, Amanda Abel (Psychologist)
We are located on the border of Thornbury and Ivanhoe, a stone's throw away from the beautiful Darebin creek and parklands. Centrally located to both the eastern and northern suburbs of Melbourne, with a car park for staff and clients, our practice is modern and beautifully furnished.
We would love for you to be part of an incredible journey as we strive to fulfil our vision of empowering families to lead their best lives. If you're equally enthusiastic about joining us on this adventure, we encourage you to apply without delay. Kindly send us your Resume and Cover Letter, and let us know why you're eager to jump aboard this adventure with us. We can't wait to hear from you!

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